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Vision, Mission, & Committment

Our Vision…
Healthy, productive work environments for all employees.

Our Mission…
To increase employee and corporate wellness by providing high quality human and organizational development services.

Our Commitment…
To provide the highest level of professional expertise and service excellence.
To partner with your organization in exceeding the expectations of employee and corporate wellness.


Contact Us


(613) 549-5561

Toll free


FSEAP 24/7/365
(after hours contact number for employees and their dependents)

Email : 
For your own protection, please keep your questions to a more general nature. Please refrain from submitting detailed, confidential information.  We would be pleased to answer any questions regarding your specific needs via telephone or in person.


Satisfaction Results

Counselling Outcome Results:

67% reported improvement 
25% reported no significant change
  8% reported a worsening situation

Workplace Experience Results:
55% reported an increase in their ability to concentrate
50% reported an increase in the quantity of work accomplished
37% reported an increase in the quality of work they produced
47% reported that their level of work satisfaction increased
46% reported a decrease in the level of stress associated with work
26% reported an improvement in relationships with co-workers
28% reported an improvement in relationships with boss (es)
30% reported that their attendance improved

Client Satisfaction results:

  • 96.9% very high or high satisfaction
  • 94.8% ability to deal with the situation is much improved or improved
  • 97.9% satisfied with the amount of service
  • 99% acceptable response time
  • 100% would recommend FSEAP


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